Talent Management



As a Saba solution Partner, Artifact Software offers Saba’s Talent Management Suite.

Saba Talent Management is a powerful solution that provides the ability to track and manage processes that relate to the identification and development of talent across the organization. Saba Talent Suite enables organizations to develop and nurture leaders, to optimize organizational performance and reduce risk.

Saba Talent Suite consists in the following modules:

  • Saba Goals & Objectives, allowing for the alignment of individual goals with business objectives
  • Saba Performance Reviews, designed to transform performance appraisals into ongoing, collaborative conversations to foster a high-performance culture
  • Saba Impressions, providing real-time performance feedback on any individual across the enterprise
  • Saba Succession, for identifying talent supply and demand gaps to unearth the value in a workforce and improve employee retention
  • Saba Workforce Planning, enabling organizations to model their future based on their people requirements
  • Saba Compensation, allowing for decisions to be informed by a comprehensive view of employee success

Companies that use Saba Talent Management have:

  • Driven efficiencies and reduced costs by automating, standardizing, and optimizing the global review process, ratings calibration, and goal setting
  • Attracted and retained high performers by recognizing and rewarding them commensurate with their performance
  • Improved organizational alignment by aligning and cascading employee goals to organizational objectives and strategies
  • Efficiently cascaded goals throughout the organization by establishing automated workflows, approval routing, and employee notifications