Case Study : Suncor, Authorization permits

Health and Safety was on Petro-Canada’s mind in Montreal when Artifact got the call. Their SAP software application issues between 5000 and 8000 permits a year to contractors and Petro-Canada’ s personnel. These permits are essential to safe maintenance and refiney operation. We had to make clear the possible dangers in failing to adhere to signing authority and permit control policies. We had to make an interactive course that was engaging and stimulating while identifying personal responsibilities at all levels.


  • Make subject dynamic
  • Make individuals aware that they are responsible for avoiding mistakes
  • Identify responsibilities at all levels
  • Improve adherence to permits
  • Make the situation personal
  • Make the solution human
  • Make an interactive, entertaining and focused course with tests


We created a couple of avatars (animated speaking characters) to create interest and make the course more fun. Clothed in Petro-Canada jackets with logos they were team members that could later be used on posters in the refinery. We created logos to identify different types of work on the site. We used lively Latin music to make the introduction something you couldn’t walk away form. To render the course personal we used pictures of actual refinery members, after all it’s our buddies’ lives that we are playing with! We used actual permits to demonstrate the different types of work that the employees and contractors might do while working on the refinery. We created an active Samba that danced the crew through the permit process!

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