Our clients have hundreds or thousands of employees requiring training and support. Their personnel are dispersed nationally or internationally with extensive needs for training. The magnitude of the task of training staff dispersed around the globe makes distance learning a cost-effective solution.

Key projects and partnerships


We have a strategic partnership that includes the distribution and sales of an Explosive Ordinance Training course world wide. Artifact developed the course jointly with the RCMP and is offering it to military and civilian organizations that train Explosive Technicians. Our clients: We have been able to create a client base that is loyal and an on-going source of new projects.


  • Roche Diagnostics
  • ParaChem
  • Suncor
  • Shell Canada
  • Advanced Photonix
Government Agencies and Cities

  • RCMP
  • The Canadian Police College
  • Transport Canada
  • Montreal
  • Ottawa

  • Mcgill University

  • Métropolis

Government agencies and cities

We have provided service to Transport Canada, the Canadian Police College, the RCMP, the Quebec Ministry of Immigration and Citizen Relations (MRCI), the City of Ottawa and the City of Montreal.


Our industrial clients include Petra-Canada’s Montreal Xylene plant, the refineries of Shell and Suncor, Petromont’s Montreal plant and Petressa in Becancor. We also provided computer consulting and web development services to the Silonex division of Casco Products which is part of the Sequa group.


We have relationships with a number of Associations. Metropolis is the Paris-based international association of the largest cities in the world whose goal is to promote the transfer of knowledge from the developed world to the cities in the developing world. Institut International de Gestion des Grandes Métropoles (IIGGM) is the training institute of Metropolis which is located in Montreal.