Case Studies

Artifact is committed to providing the training and development our clients need to reach their corporate goals. From on-the-job learning and training for recognized professional qualifications to personal development programs, we offer tools our clients need to develop their corporate skills and knowledge.



  • They needed a cost effective solution
  • They required a solution that would be available via their intranet or on CD-ROM
  • The original courses were missing some components
  • The interface had to be simple to use
  • The update was to be completed within 6 months time


Artifact created a process to recuperate the courses at a fraction of their original price. Shell was able to recover 83 courses of the original 96. The courses were also placed into an intranet portal to provide access from anywhere in the plant. The power of the introduction of these course were felt immediately as new employees were added to the refinery, questions were answered in a timely manner by directing the staff to the existing courses on their intranet. We met the client’s time line and budget! Mission accomplished again!


esample 1



  • A cost effective solution was required to meet the startup budget
  • The plant used an unique process that was not taught in college
  • The time line was extremely tight
  • They had a complex start-up process
  • 25 of 30 operators were new grads
  • Lock of experienced mentors


The plan to start up was considered very agressive! Arftifact enabled all personnel to receive standardized training. ( Consistency, precision, standardized testing ). The trainer’s time was reduced by 50 %, freeing up time for coaching and mentoring. The training time was reduced by 50 %, saving 6 weeks per person. Artifact delivered the first module in 4 weeks and the entire course in 8 weeks. Sixty hours of projected classroom time was condensed into 6 hours of e-Learning.

Observations from PARACHEM

Update after the delivery:

  • They opened on time without incident or accident.
  • By June 2003, they were producing at capacity
  • All operators are operating at 75% autonomy or better.
  • Artifact’s learning course saved them 180 man-weeks.




The IRS needed a solution to ensure that its knowledge workers were able to establish and maintain job positions and organizational charts in the new Administrative Staffing and Charting System based on PeopleSoft. US IRS

Epiplex 500 and Epss


Aetna, as a leading insurance provider wants to stand out in the competitive insurance industry by providing superior customer service and support. It has a strategic need to deliver policy and claims processing related information in a timely, efficient and cost-effective manner to its employees, providers, members and customer support. Aetna’s claims systems had been evolving rapidly from “green screen” mainframe terminals to GUI-based systems, and more recently to web based applications. Aetna’s training programs struggled to keep pace with the rapid change of systems. The traditional method of web-based simulations was time consuming and required tremendous manual effort, time and cost. Aetna

Australian Department of Defense

The Australian Department of Defense required their personnel to be fully trained and supported post training of an upgrade of their financial information management system, ROMAN (Resource and Output Management and Accounting Network), from SAP 6.2/6.4 to SAP 7.0. The upgraded system would enable tracking of millions of financial transactions and reporting to international financial reporting standards. Australian Department of Defence

Cambridge Solutions

Cambridge Solutions, for its BPO services, had evolved a migration methodology that called for managers to study the domain and operation of processes in client locations, and transfer the knowledge to operators and agents in the outsourced facility in collaboration with Subject Matter Experts (SMEs). They would manually map the procedures, document them, and represent their understanding to the stakeholders in the clients location before returning to the outsourced location to start operating the processes. This often involved repeat visits and extension of projects beyond deadlines. Off shore training involved signifiant subject-matter-expert time and travel. This resulted in longer migration cycles and increased costs. Constant high rates of attrition called for repeat training and posed a challenge in maintaining service levels. Cambridge Solutions

University of Tennessee

The University of Tennessee was one of the early adopters of Saba Centra Live, a solution that faciliates distance education in innovative ways. Since 1999, Centra live has enabled UT students living hundreds of miles from the Knoxville campus to enroll in a variety of classes and fully participate in discussions, share information, and ” raise their hands ” in real time using Web-based tools without leaving home. University of Tennessee


Wyndham Deploys Strategic Applications and Frequent Guest Program Using Centra ® Online Collaboration. Wyndham