Artifact Software


With over 15 years in the e-Learning and software business, Artifact has developed the expertise and resources needed to help your organization accelerate and optimize the learning process by delivering cost effective learning solutions on time and on budget.

We can help you:

  • Build up and retain your talent pool through workforce planning & development.
  • Ease and optimize certification and regulatory compliance processes implementation;
  • Accelerate the onboarding of new hires to create a highly engaged and efficient workforce;
  • Maximize sales through Partners and Customers education and collaboration;
  • Standardize and integrate best performance management practices across your organization;
  • Nurture and support new talents and creative leaders.

Our services include:

Advisory Services in training management

– Development strategy of the training service/business unit (diagnostic and optimization)

– Devising of competency frameworks and job profiles

– Coaching in complying with regulations prescribing certifications, courses and competencies

– Optimization of development and training plans (reduction of duration and costs, increase of learning and performance)

– Devising of valid measurement and assessment instruments of learning and on the job observable and measurable behaviors

– Training, coaching and assessment of trainers

Custom e-learning course development

– SCORM standard compliance test of e-learning content

– Asynchronous course development

– Asynchronous course and webinar development

Online learning solutions implementation

– Learning solution selection ; business case and specifications of appropriate and cost-effective Learning Management and Talent Management Systems)

– Implementation of Learning and Talent Management web-based (SaaS) solutions

– Implementation of a web collaboration platform (meeting, classroom and webinaires) and monetization of online events through e-commerce

– Automatization of the extraction, transformation and validation of data recorded in Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS)

– Online applications, web portals and portlets development