Human Capital Management

Let your organization thrive through developing your personnel’s competencies critical to  success

Our customers successfully meet these challenges:

  1. A more competitive business environment: high rate of change, organizational agility, expansion in new markets, globalization;
  2. A changing workforce sociodemographics:  attrition, lack of skilled personnel, cultural diversity;
  3. Increasing importance of  talent management: identifying talent for succession, increased versatility required by workers
  4. Virtualization of work: seamless integration of a scattered supply chain members, real-time virtual collaboration;
  5. Increasing competency proficiency and certification requirements: standard bodies, customers’requirements;
  6. Threats stemming from non compliance: legal and economic liabilities that arise from non compliance;
  7. Learning & Development crunch: Pressure to further develop more rapidly the personnel in various skills’ areas whilst using less resources.

Artifact – Human Capital Management (HCM) mission:

To help organizations transform their Learning & Development service (L&P)and their key personnel in a business unit  strategically aligned and more agile which will contribute to the organization’s success through studies, analysis, planning and integration of HCM cutting-edge solutions. Our experience has shown that organizations need to train faster, more efficiently and continuously to stay competitive. HCM Overview Drawing Artifact Consulting HCM understands these requirements and has the experienced professionals to accomplish these goals. Our experts have implemented learning solutions at over 40 medium and large organizations. Many of the solutions implemented are in multiple languages (English, French, Spanish, Chinese …) and cover multiple sites, countries and continents. We have developed international solutions that are presently in use in more than 40 countries and over 100 different organizations simultaneously. Clients include Pratt & Whitney, Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), NAPA/United Auto Parts, Quebec Minister of Transportation, and the Canadian Food Inspection Agency.