Content Creation Methodology

Artifact has developed over 100 eLearning courses for a variety of clients in a number of diverse industries. From this experience, we have refined our processes and tools for content creation.
We make extensive use of information technology to support our instructional design methodology. We use mind mapping software and web publishing to facilitate communication with clients and to support our internal activities.

Methodology Phases

Analysis and Content Planning

Mind mapping improves the effectiveness of the Content Planning phase by capturing all the information required to construct the various deliverables in this stage. It faciliates communication among the entire project team and encourages client participation by making the information more accessible to those not directly involved in the creation of it. This minimizes the negative impact of distance and scheduling constraints of key subject matter experts and managers.



The chief document of the design phase is the storyboard. The storyboard is a powerful communication tool for the whole team and ensures that the vision for the final product is shared and agreed upon prior to completion of the design phrase. The information captured and developed in the Analysis is transfered to the metadata section of the storyboard so that during the developement of individual scenes and their learning events the instructional designer has access to this information.


The storyboard becomes the roadmap for the asset creation and integration phase.

Asset Creation


Our internal collaborative environment expedites the asset creation and integration phase.

We use modern software development tools to implement a web-based, team-oriented production facility. Our production toolkit includes version control and central asset libraries in addition to the latest tools for video, sound and image editing and animation creation. Quality control procedures are in place to ensure each asset and the final integrated product matches the specifications laid out in the storyboard.

Pilot evaluation


We recommend that our clients try the initial version of the course on a small group of learners who are representative of the entire target population.
Based on their input, some revisions may be made in the course.


Our products can be delivered to satisfy many different deployment strategies. This flexibility helps our clients to get the most value from their investment.