Accelerated Learning Solutions

Engaging, Entertaining and Effective !

The APV Centrifuge, as shown in a petrochemical training module.

The APV Centrifuge, as shown in a petrochemical training module.

Are you seeking to have your newly hired employees or your current employees:


  • know your organizational values and acknowledge to comply to your ethic code?
  • get to know rapidly your policies and procedures in force within votre organisation?
  • informed about regulations and standards (health and safety at work, production standards, environment protection, etc.)?
  • rapidly seize scientific and technical concepts in order to effectively operate and maintain complex and costly equipments?


Artifact provides you with custom online asynchronous (individual study at own pace) course development services.

We assist your subject matter experts through sharing with them our instructional design expertise (storyboarding, animated multimedia course development and integration).

We work with several course authoring tools : Saba Publisher (Lectora), Inovae Publisher and the Adobe tools.
The courses can also be created using the Artifact Learning interface, which provides a course delivery environment and templates for many common training interactions. Many evaluation methods as well as animations of images and text are available.

What Artifact has realized in asynchronous course development:


  • Basic scientific principles (explosives principles, physical and mechanical principles at work within petrochemical plant equipments )
  • Industrial equipment maintenance (compressor, burner, steam trap, etc.) to the benefit of process operators
  • Paramedic practices (risks and use of protective equipments)
  • Health and safety at work : benzene safety measures, fall protection, closed spaces


We have access to subject matter experts working with the following institutions:


  • Suppliers of petrochemical plant simulation systems
  • Suppliers of industrial equipments 3D simulation tools


The resulting high quality courses provide tremendous cost savings. For one of our petrochemical clients, we saved the client over 6 times the cost of the course within 6 weeks of delivery of the first module.



  • Full Multimedia
  • Engaging interactivity
  • A user friendly environment
  • 2D and 3D animations
  • Integrated and interactive testing
  • Solutions that can be distributed on CD-ROM, over an intranet or on the Internet


  • Entertaining and engaging course delivery motivates learners
  • Improved retention
  • Training time greatly reduced
  • Cost effective training meets budget objectives

The Artifact Learning Interface

The ALI is an integrated system for presenting a course with various testing strategies. It is a Rich Internet Application written in Macromedia’s Flash Actionscript language. It uses XML to control the sequence and content of the material presented. It permits materials to be presented as custom animations as well as various standard templated formats. The ALI framework provides the navigation controls and sound controls as well as skinning features that permit the appearance of the interface to be customized for each client’s colour scheme and logos with minimal effort.


  • Standard controls for navigation and sound
  • Customizable look and feel ( Customer logo, Color scheme etc.)
  • XML driven
  • Finished courses can be delivered on CD ROM and over the Internet or the Intranet
  • Full set of instructional templates
  • Full set of test templates
  • Tests can be recorded or formative
  • Test results can be e-mailed to course administrator
  • Individualized pages for animations or custom interactions


  • Cost advantage over traditional authoring tools
  • Instructional design is separated from technology concerns
  • Better pedagogical results
  • e3Learning courses
  • Choice of distribution methods
  • Asset creation is separated from integration
  • Parallel development
  • Scalable projects
  • Compressed delivery schedules
  • Improved budget control


Our instructional design methodology is based on proven and internatinnally accepted principes support by information systems technology.

Our development process empowers our client, making them part of the process. It allows us to work efficiently regardless of geographic proximity. The useof our methodology and underlying technology often gives us a huge cost advantage over our competitors. Our high quality, imagination, professionalism, and clear communications enables us to consistently exceed our client’s expectations.
Click here for more details about our Methodology.


Our methodology permits the client to be party to all decision in a transparent process. The project team of training managers, trainers, subject matter experts and our implementation experts can be geographically dispersed and still work as a cohesive unit. They can exchange ideas and share in each step of the process resulting in a product that incorporates the best ideas of the team. This empowers our clients, saves time and reducing errors.

Our methodology makes it possible to scale our activities to meet our client’s development and deployment schedules. The separation of asset creation and integration means that development can proceed in many parallel streams.

Our tools and experience give us the ability to design and create e3 Learning solutions.