Automated Creation of IT Training Materials

Automated process training creation

Reduce your costs and Accelerate Learning with Automated Process Training Creation.

Epiplex500 is a world-class enterprise system knowledge, training, and process improvement solution. Organizations using Epiplex500 can rapidly automate the creation of user and technical documentation, create simulations, and author SCORM-compliant eLearning. Live contextualized, in-application help content can be developed to support users while they are working in a given application. Epiplex500 is also used to track and assess the effectiveness of training and the efficiency of the business processes which the training is intended to support.  


The Capture Module is an intelligent capture tool.  Captures are created by tracking mouse movements and keystrokes of users and capturing systems controls and regions in any software application. Epiplex500 supports capturing on:

  • Windows applications – including Microsoft, SAP, Oracle, Oracle financials, Web, Peoplesoft, CAD, Green Screen (such as RUMBA, Hummingbird, ESKER)
  • JAVA applications that run on Windows
  • Web based applications that run in Internet Explorer
  • Three-dimensional screen movement
  • Specific applications sush as TRIM

Authoring – content development

Once the capture process is complete, Epiplex’s authoring tool automatically creates the needed content. Fully editable multilingual content can be generated in MS Word, HTML, XML, and MS Powerpoint at the document level. Flash files can also be produced. HTML content is SCORM compliant and can be used on its own or be placed in a Learning Management System, or stored electronically. Multiple learning and support material can be created from a single capture.

Electronic performance support system

Live in-application contextualized help contents can also be developed to support users while they are working in a given application. This support can be delivered in three options: Show Me, Guide Me, and Test Me. Users simply ask for the assistance they need. Epiplex500 delivers the right learning content to the desktop to teach or remind the employee of the correct procedure. Furthermore, Epiplex500 recognizes the application, the user and the task so that the help matches the context.

Enterprise business process improvement

Epiplex500 enables your organization to accurately track the efficiency of training and of business processes which the training is supposed to support. Metrics used include User Error rates, Completion rates, Time taken, Compliance rates, and Department, Group, or User variance. Using these measures, organizations can identify best practices and refine key business processes.

Who uses Epiplex500 ?

Epiplex500 is designed mainly for Trainers, Content Authors, Business Process and Knowledge Managers, Project Managers, Document management teams, Software developers, Support technicians, Human Resource and Compliance professionals.