ADTransform Customization and Configuration Services

Configuration Services

Even in the case where there is a pre-configured script already prepared, it will require some tweaking to take into account differences in the original data or the desired mappings.

The ADTransform is a very flexible tool and can be configured to do an infinite variety of data manipulation workflows.

The workflow is configured using simple XML scripting blocks that are well documented and pretty easy to follow.

However, if the client does not have the time or is not at ease with editing XML files, Artifact can prepare the configuration of the ADTransform’s plug-ins to match the client’s needs.

For use cases that are very different from the pre-configured scripts, Artifact can analyze the requirements and configure the plug-ins in the most effective way to handle your needs.


Artifact can also create new plug-ins to meet unusual needs. We can also assist you to create your own if you have your own programming resources.

The sources for all of the standard ADTransform plug-ins are available for use as models.

They are written in Java with Spring and use open source libraries and components as much as possible.