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SimOps is a virtual interactive job aid used in production and maintenance reliability engineering.

More than an ordinary job aid, operator’s manual or maintenance manual, Simops brings your processes alive for your staff. Our unique concept is a cost-effective way to improve productivity, reduce downtime, improve safety and reduce accidents impacting employees and the environment.

SimOps applies to wide range of industries including chemical, petrochemical, manufacturing and energy production.

Equipment and Process

SimOps decribes the operation of each component of the operating unit using 2d or 3d illustrations and animations as well as photos and textual information in context.

SimOps presents the internal flows as well as the relationships between systems.

Safety, capacity and process information are presented to make the operator’s comprehension of the unit more concrete and unified.

SimOps Image1

Operating Instructions

SimOps visually links the operating instructions to the processes and equipment. The operatior’s activities are explicited related to the equipment and processes being controlled.

Simulating the troubleshooting and maintenance procedures can better explain the link between the procedures and the underlying strategies and rationals.

SimOps image 2

Safety precautions

SimOps identifies the safety precautions that apply to the production unit and links them to the process flow and equipment descriptions.

This visual approach improves retention and strengthens the mental link between safety precautions and the process.

SimOps image 3


SimOps gives a multimedia presentation of a unit and its individual components. Each component’s physical location is identified as well as the relationships between the components in the context of the process. It acts as an index to the specifications for operations and maintenance. The details of each component are presented in the context of the process flow and production specifications. SimOps provides a roadmap to the operators and maintenance personnel for a production unit.


  • Improves production and maintenance performance.
  • Standardizes production and maintenance team knowledge
  • Lower costs of training operations and maintenance teams on new projects
  • Minimize knowledge lost due to turnover and retirements
  • Improves environmental heaelth and safety
  • Reduces human error

Industry Challenges

Retirement and turnover

Increasing cost for training of personnel, due to retirement and turnover

An increasing lack of experienced and knowledgeable mentors and supervisors

The remaining staff may have limited experience in troubleshooting major equipement or process loops

Global competitiveness

Maintaining and improving productivity

Maintaining and improving quality

Human error in production and maintenance tasks

Meeting Health and Safety Standards and Regulations

Lack of standardization among the operations and maintenance groups

Human error in production and maintenance tasks

Meeting Environmental Standards and Regulations

Difficulty in determining relation between controls and physical equipment

Human error in production and maintenance tasks

PDF Documentations

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