Testing SCORM courses while waiting for the LMS to be ready

In an LMS implementation, there is a desire to start testing content early.

If the LMS is in the process of being configured, it is very disruptive to the process to have content producers uploading content and testing it.

In fact, these problems can occur:

A good solution for this is to allow the course developers to use scorm.com’s SCORM Cloud service to test SCORM content delivery.

The courses could be created as SCORM courses and uploaded to the SCORM Cloud which is free for small amounts of storage.

A temporary course catalogue could be created using WordPress.

The preliminary catalog structure could be created easily in WordPress.

Each course entry would have a link to the SCORM Cloud course.

  • a course delivery mechanism (SCORM Cloud) and
  • a flexible course catalog (WordPress)
  • Since the SCORM Cloud is a reference site for SCORM testing, you should be pretty sure that any course that runs on the SCORM cloud will run in the LMS when it is ready to accept content.

    The free version of SCORM Cloud has some restriction on storage use and 10 active users are permitted.

    But for testing this should be fine.

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