Moodle vs Enterprise Quality LMS

We have done lots of Moodle sites that were implemented in a few days to get a course or set of courses available. I do not really consider these LMS implementations, they were really just content delivery platforms. Very few of these had 3 years of active use and it would not have made a bit of difference if we had used any one of a dozen common “LMS” system.
If someone has this type of situation and does not know what to do, ask a friend who has done it and is happy. Just do what they did and you will probably be happy too.

In our current customer focus, an LMS is an integral part of their human resource infrastructure. It is fed daily from the HRIS system. The manager’s use the dashboard to manage their staff’s status regarding certification which may impact the tasks that they are allowed to perform.
Frequently, certifications are versioned to meet the requirements of their customers or a regulator. Their training records are subject to audit by regulators and customers which means the training records have to be secure from tampering and provide adequate history. Losing training history or having the possibilty of training records being altered is not an option.

L&D is an essential part of their marketing and operational infrastructure.

They are building and purchasing hundreds of courses and developing extensive curricula. They are developing competency frameworks that tie to job descriptions, learning plans and certifications.

They are using mobile or planning to use mobile soon.

They will eventually add Talent Management, Social Networking and Assessment.